Investment Consulting

WiseLane Ventures Pvt Ltd’s Investment Consulting Group combines business wisdom, financial acumen and investment banking experience to build a strong outcome based fund raising process.  We help startups and businesses raise funds from both value based and strategic investors.

Our Investment Consulting provides fund raising solutions for startups and small businesses – debt, equity and project finance.

We handle mandates for the following types of financing:

  • Angel – Seed fund
  • Pre-Series funding
  • Series A-B-C funding
  • Mezzanine Finance or Bridge funding
  • Convertible Debentures
  • Venture Debts
  • Project Finance
  • Hire Purchase
  • External Commercial Borrowings ( ECB)


Fund Raising:

Our investment analysts focus on bringing together the key elements of fund raising – whether it is debt, equity or project finance. If you are startup or a small business, we work with your management or CFO to enable fund raising based on our VNNT ( value-need-network-terms) process.

  • Mandates from business for debt/ equity /Project financial requirements
  • Gap analysis
  • Business Plan advisory
  • Investor look out
  • Negotiation
  • Term sheet
Investor portfolio management essentially gets the best IRR or strategic alignment of investor goals.

Investor Portfolio Management:

We work with individual investors ( HNIs), Private Equity and Venture capitalist firms to manage specific mandates. We look for targets ( businesses) which are run by first principles and also have high potential for returns.

  • Mandates with HNIs, PE, VC firms
  • Sector (Target) scouting/Shortlist
  • Fitment analysis and evaluation
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiation and Closure

Pre-Money Consulting:

Our pre-money consulting entails getting startups ready for a deep-dive in the shark tank of investors. This enables the founders/ entrepreneurs to envisage and brainstorm various situations that might occur in the fund raising process.

  • Pitch/ Teasers and Information Memorandum for Investors
  • Detailed due diligence
  • Gap Analysis
  • Recommendation
  • Ongoing financial advisory