WiseLane Ventures – Solutions

WiseLane Ventures Pvt Ltd. firmly believes that a business that thinks through – even if it a new path creates value for all its stakeholders.  Leveraging on the inhouse business wisdom and foresight, at the same time keeping an eye on first principles of the business, WiseLane Ventures’ solution portfolio enables a continuous leverage of both the strengths to create sustained value.

We offer the following services:

WiseLane Ventures’ solution portfolio enables stakeholders to derive maximum value.

a) Investment Consulting

  1. Debt & Structured Finance
  2. Private Equity
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions
  4. Special Situations

b) Strategic Advisory

  1. Governance, Risks and Compliance ( GRC)
  2. Mergers, Acquisitions and Exits
  3. Turnaround Advisory
  4. Business Planning

c) Strategic Holdings 

  1. Strategic Ventures
    1. Ventures of Strategic Interest
    2. Value Creation and Unlocking
    3. White Space Ventures
  2. Strategic Investments
    1. Through Alternate Investment Funds as General Partner
    2. Startup focussed investments through Private Placements
    3. Advisory Equity

WiseLane solutions enables our customers, clients and other stakeholders to derive maximum value out of our engagements.