Strategic Holdings

WiseLane Ventures Pvt Ltd. invests in opportunities of strategic interests.  Our strategic holdings group looks for opport

  1. Strategic Ventures
  2. Strategic Investments
Our Strategic Ventures combines opportunities with our strategic interests.

Strategic Ventures:

  • Ventures of Strategic Interest

Wiselane Ventures invests and creates ventures of strategic interests.  Our interests varies from sectors to businesses with strong fundamentals.  Coupled with our network of investors and funds, we are in the constant look out for opportunities that match our interests.  Our board takes a comprehensive view our portfolio from time to time.

  • Value Creation and Unlocking

One of our major goals is to work with partners and customers to enable value creation and value unlocking. In the hustle and bustle, sometimes, larger goals need special focus – such as value creation and value unlocking. Combining our experience of handling investments and business strategies, we identify opportunities and timing for our customers and work with them.  We also take a minor equity in the process

  • White Space Ventures

Beyond the above, we believe that there are certain long term areas that we believe can make a big difference. We build these ventures through special purpose vehicles in which we create opportunities for stakeholders to create value.

Through its funds, or through portfolio of HNIs, or in lieu of advisory services, WiseLane Ventures makes strategic investments.

Strategic Investments:

While our strategic ventures focus on ‘venture creation’, we might invest in third party ventures in which we might have strategic investments.  This generally combines with the efforts and opportunities from either the Strategic Advisory Group or Investment Consulting Group.

  • Alternate Investment Fund

We are building funds that are compliant in various categories in India and abroad.  These funds will look for value based investments in existing or listed companies, and also focus on Startups as an Asset Class.  This enables investors to balance risk with reward in terms of expected IRRs.

  • Startup focused Investments

We also work with HNIs and institutional investors to create startup focused investments.  These are essentially portfolios, and we allocate dedicated fund consultants to advise HNIs and liaise with investors.

  • Advisory Equity

WiseLane Ventures, during the course of either Strategic Advisory or Investment Consulting services may develop strategic interest towards certain businesses.  This is essentially to create value or increase its ‘participation’ in a certain business.