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Wise Lane Business Advisory Services Inc., Canada (WiseLane Canada)

Wise Lane Business Advisory Services Inc., Canada (Wiselane Canada), is a Wiselane Group company that focuses on investment and strategic advisory for fast-growth companies and strategic investments in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Wiselane Canada offers the following services:

Public Placements

OTC and SPAC reverse mergers and acquisitions are successful when high-growth companies deliver on their business plans and forecasts, while the investors and sponsors ensure capital availability with commitments. Public markets demand accountability and transparency, while at the same time provide access to unlimited capital.

Our deep investor relationships with capital commitments and sponsorship for public vehicles enable us to advise on successful transactions.

Stock Loans

Stocks offer excellent collateral for liquidity financing.  In special situations, promoters and companies can leverage their shares to acquire short-term funding for their various needs.

Crowd Funding

Wiselane Canada works with a regulated crowdfunding platform based in the US. The platform is SEC and FINRA regulated and audited, enabling transparency and accountability in fundraising.

Access to Canadian and the US markets

If you are a technology or a high-growth tech-enabled business, we work with you to set up your business in Canada. Canada has one of the best immigration programs and favorable socio-economic and free democracy. The North American country gives incentives and subsidies to businesses that are set up in Canada.

With access to our funding programs in the US and access to grants, incentives, and Canada, it is a great opportunity to launch your global or North American part of your business from Canada.

We prefer technology-based business – Enterprise Technologies, Emerging Technologies like SaaS, AI/ML, Analytics, and Big Data, or healthcare and life sciences business.


If you are a company in the below mentioned segments with US$ 10 Million and above revenue and has global growth opportunities seeking Growth funding of US$ 10 Million to US$ 100 Million, upload your deck and financials to discuss with us.

Pharma, Biotech and Life Sciences

Healthtech, Healthcare

Fintech, Edutech

Web3, Blockchain, SaaS, Deeptech

Manufacturing and Retail

Renewable Energy, Cleantech

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