Strategic Advisory

We apply ‘first principles of wisdom’ in our strategic advisory services across all life cycles of our mid- and large-cap clients.

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Strategic Advisory

WiseLane Ventures’ strategic advisory group focuses on providing actionable insights into an organization’s growth. Our strategic advisory group combines industry, functional and subject matter experience to help businesses – especially in the initial and growth stages. Our strategic advisors have successfully run and advised various stages of business growth.

Our expertise has been built through years of past experience with the leadership team and a network of advisor-partners.

Business Planning

Our investor readiness advisory essentially prepares a business to be ready for both fund infusion as well as bootstrapped growth (through revenue accruals). The need to go deep into every element of success is key to success.

What we help is to think and go through the new and untried methods – ‘“Today’s “best practices” lead to dead ends; the best paths are new and untried.’ – As Peter Thiel quotes. However, the fact is that the new path is built with a clear understanding of where a possible ‘monopoly’ is, and these could come from various aspects such as the below:

We enable the entrepreneurs to adopt design thinking with agility, but at the same time look at various fundamental elements from a business perspective. To grow from zero to one and one to ten are different.

At WiseLane Ventures, we also realize the need to focus on financial discipline in a post-funding scenario.  The ability to focus on prioritized expenditure to enable fast scaling vs managing cash burn is key for the success of a company.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Exits

Mergers or acquisitions can add strategic value to businesses at the right time and at the right stage of their growth. The main purpose of looking to acquire or merge is to enable that one-time chance to make an impact on the business’ growth.