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WiseLane Ventures – Solutions

WiseLane Ventures Pvt Ltd. believes that a business that thinks through – even if it is a new path, creates value for all its stakeholders. Leveraging on the inhouse business wisdom and foresight, at the same time keeping an eye on the first principles of the business, WiseLane Ventures’ solution portfolio enables continuous leverage of both strengths to create sustained value.

We offer the following services for our Indian clients:

Investment Consulting

WiseLane Ventures Pvt Ltd’s Investment Consulting Group combines business wisdom, financial acumen and investment banking experience to build a strong outcome based fund raising process. We help startups and businesses raise funds from both value based and strategic investors.

Debt & Structured Finance

Private Equity

Mergers & Acquisitions

Strategic Advisory

Wiselane solutions enable our customers, clients, and other stakeholders to derive maximum value out of our engagements.

Business Planning & Growth advisory

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Exits